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The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on low incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit.

Loan amounts are up to $1,000 for essential goods and services such as beds, dining room furniture, lounge suites and fridges.

Loans are not for cash. Repayments are set up at an affordable amount over a set period of time.

NILS Location Map

NILS is currently available at limited locations across New Zealand.

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What are the Loans for?

Loans are available for the purchase of essential goods and services.

These may include:

  • Household items like beds, dining room furniture, lounge suites and fridges
  • Some medical and dental services
  • Educational essentials such as computers and text books
  • Some other item as requested

Top loan purposes

  • Furniture Furniture
  • Computer Computer
  • Electrical Goods Electrical Goods
  • Washing Machine Washing Machine
  • Car Related Car Related
  • Fridge Fridge
  • Dental Dental
  • Medical Medical
  • Bed Bed
Marisol, NILS client from Good Money Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
With NILS, there's no interest. You only pay for what you get. - Marisol, NILS client from Good Money Collingwood, Victoria, Australia


To qualify you must:

  • Be entitled to a Community Services Card
  • Reside in your current premises for more than 3 months
  • Show a willingness and capacity to repay

How Does it Work?

  • 1. Enquire Enquire

    Enquire about a loan.

  • 2. Interview Interview

    Bring your documentation to a meeting with a loan provider.

  • 3. Assessment Assessment

    Your loan application is assessed.

  • 4. Approval Approval

    You are informed of the outcome of your loan application and agree repayment terms.

How Does NILS Work
In your community?

NILS isn’t a payday loan and it’s not a bank loan. NILS works through a process called 'circular community credit'. This means when a borrower makes a repayment to NILS, the funds are then available to someone else in the community.

Ray, NILS client from Bendigo Family and Financial Services, Australia
I was very relieved that I could get these items and then pay them off at an amount I could comfortably afford. - Ray, NILS client from Bendigo Family and Financial Services, Australia


  • Marker Feilding

    The Salvation Army
    Feilding Community Ministries
    124 Manchester Street, Feilding

    P: (06) 323 4718

  • Marker Napier

    The Salvation Army
    Napier Community Ministries
    56 Tait Drive, Greenmeadows, Napier

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Royal Oak

    The Salvation Army
    Royal Oak Community Ministries
    691a Mt Albert Road, Auckland

    P: (09) 6931186 or (09) 6391181
    E: penina_fa'

  • Marker Hamilton

    The Salvation Army
    Hamilton City Community Ministries
    99 London Street, Hamilton Central

    P: 07 834 7000

  • Marker Whangarei

    The Salvation Army
    Whangarei Community Ministries
    3-7 Aubrey St, Whangarei

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Glenfield

    The Salvation Army
    Glenfield Community Ministries
    4 Kaiptatiki Road, Glenfield, Auckland

    P: (09) 441 2554 ext 1

  • Marker Waitakere

    The Salvation Army
    Waitakere Community Ministries
    7-9 View Road, Henderson, Auckland

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Mt Wellington

    The Salvation Army
    Mt Wellington Community Ministries
    18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Manukau

    The Salvation Army
    Manukau Community Ministries
    16B Bakerfield Place, Manukau, South Auckland

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Pukekohe

    The Salvation Army
    Pukekohe Community Ministries
    1 Tobin Street, Pukekohe

    P: (09) 238 5641
    Hours: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am - 3:30pm

  • Marker Rotorua

    The Salvation Army
    Rotorua Community Ministries
    1188 Amohia St, Rotorua

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Gisborne

    The Salvation Army
    Gisborne Community Ministries
    389 Gladstone Road, Gisborne

    P: (06) 8689468

  • Marker Palmerston North

    The Salvation Army
    Palmerston North Community Ministries
    431 Church St, Palmerston North

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Hutt Valley

    The Salvation Army
    Upper Hutt Community Ministries
    695 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt

    P: (04) 528 6745

  • Marker Porirua

    The Salvation Army
    Porirua Community Ministries
    89 Warspite Avenue, Cannons Creek

    P: (04) 235 6266

  • Marker Wellington

    The Salvation Army
    Wellington City Community Ministries
    22-26 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington

    P: 0800 854 009

  • Marker Greymouth

    The Salvation Army
    Greymouth Community Ministries
    Cnr Tainui Street and Murray Street, Greymouth

    P: (03) 768 5045

  • Marker Christchurch

    The Loft, Level 1, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Christchurch 8062

    P: 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) or
    (03) 378 3847

  • Marker Christchurch City

    The Salvation Army
    Christchurch City Corps
    166 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

    P: 0276296229

  • Marker Invercargill

    The Salvation Army
    Invercargill Community Ministries
    110 Leven St, Invercargill

    P: 0800 854 009

Rhonda, NILS client, Victoria, Australia
When I found NILS I was overjoyed as there is no interest. - Rhonda, NILS client, Victoria, Australia